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This page is strictly for the Skype For Business standalone installation(s) separate from the Office suite including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With Microsoft Office 365, Skype For Business is available as part of the entire Office suite and as a standalone installation. Skype For Business is also included in Office 2016 Professional suite.

For Macintosh:


It is recommended that Macintosh users install Lync 2011 for Mac over the Skype for Business install from Office 365. Lync 2011 currently offers more functionality conducive to your course work/projects than does Skype for Business on a Macintosh.


Download Lync Client for MAC (2011)


It is recommended, after installing Lync 2011 for Mac, that you also install the March 2015 (KB3037358) and July 2015 (KB3074981) updates in that order.

For IPhone & IPad:

You may go to the ITunes store and install the Skype for Business app.

For PC (Windows):

For Windows users, Skype For Business is available via Microsoft Office 365 as a standalone download/install (Skype For Business Basic). If you already have an installation of Microsoft Office (2013 and later), please ensure you do not already have Skype For Business installed as part of the suite. If not, you should be able to install Skype For Business Basic with no issues. During installation, please follow any and all prompts to insure proper installation.

Installation Instructions:

Download & Install Skype For Business Basic (Office 365)


Download From Office 365

Other Install(s):

For Android Phone & Tablet:

You may go to the Google Play Store and install the Skype for Business app.

Skype for Business Support

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If you have trouble installing or signing into Skype for Business, please contact the UTMB Help Desk at (409) 772-5200. If you have trouble signing into a Skype meeting space, please contact your course tech support or your instructor.


Setting up VPN on your computer is not necessary to use Skype for Business.

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Skype For Business / Lync 2013 Help Videos

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Skype for Business Support (UTMB)
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