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BSN Traditional Honors Program

Available to selected students entering the Traditional BSN Program track during the fall semester, the Honors Program provides the opportunity for talented and motivated students to develop into scholars and leaders inside and outside of the classroom.

Students accepted into the program will progress through the BSN Traditional Curriculum Plan (four semesters) with the designation of McGovern Scholars. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 to remain in the program.

How You Can Apply

  • GPA Requirements

    Required: A minimum overall GPA of 3.75; all science grades must be a B or higher.

  • Exam Requirements

    Required: A minimum score of 85 on the TEAS Composite with each individual score a minimum of 75.

  • Enrollment Requirements

    Required: You must be accepted and enrolled in the BSN Traditional Program for the fall semester.

    Meet Eligibility Requirements

    Complete Application & Submit Both a Written Essay & Resume

    Interview with Honors Committee for Acceptance into Honors Program | Honors Program | Undergraduate Programs | UTMB School of Nursing

    Interview with the Honors Committee

    This program is distinctive in its focus on barriers to care for the underserved and underinsured/uninsured populations in Texas.

    Chris Edwards, PhD, RN
    Director, BSN Honors Program

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    Semesters : Courses


    Total Tuition (BSN Traditional Program)

    Each student accepted to the program will receive full tuition and fees support.

    The BSN Honors Program Experience

    Introduction to national initiatives aimed at improving health care:

    1st Semester

    Entering an immersion program working with inpatient and outpatient case management to better understand the care pathway of patient from the hospital to the community environment.

    2nd Semester

    Completing Community Health course clinical requirements as a group by working with the Medicare Waiver 1115 Region 2 hospitals to address a specific need of an identified patient population at one or several hospitals of Southeast Texas.

    3rd Semester

    4th Semester