The 2019 Holiday Style Show & Luncheon

Record Breaking Year for our Holiday Style Show

November 2019

Haute couture and health care may seem like an unlikely pairing – until you speak to the passionate supporters of UTMB School of Nursing's Holiday Style Fashion Show and Luncheon. Fashion and philanthropy drive the success of the annual fundraiser for the school's BSN Honors Program, supporting soon-to-be nurses who will deliver outstanding patient care.

Students who enter the BSN Honors Program are top performers who go above and beyond to become leaders in their field. The education they receive at UTMB will prepare them to fulfill a critical role in patient care, touching countless lives: their future patients, those patients' loved ones, the next generation of nurses whom they will someday mentor, and so much more.

The 2019 Holiday Style Show raised a record amount of funds for our BSN honors program and the leadership opportunities that it provides. This year, an unexpected gift from local philanthropic organization, the Moody Foundation, will help support the BSN honors program over the next few years. The Moody Foundation's generous gift to support our high-quality curriculum will ensure our future nursing professionals have the best educational experience.

Voted as the most trusted profession in the United States for the 20th year, the School of Nursing takes great pride in the students and faculty that we educate, elevate, and employ to create and contribute to the nursing profession. Thanks to our generous donors, strong alumni, successful students and incredible faculty, UTMB School of Nursing has paved the way for nursing education throughout the state of Texas for nearly 130 years.

We are so grateful for this support, and we are excited for its current and future impact. These gifts go far beyond the individual students who benefit; they also help us fulfill our mission to develop an outstanding health care workforce and deliver care that improves lives.

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