Post BSN/MSN Certificates

Post Certification

In addition to submitting a completed application and application fee, the requirements for admission to the post BSN/MSN certificate program in nursing are listed below:

  • A minimum of a BSN (post BSN Certification) or MSN (post MSN Certification) degree from a nursing program accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), or other nationally-recognized nursing education accrediting body. Applicants who have a BSN (post BSN Certification) or MSN (post MSN Certification) degree in nursing from a non-accredited program will be considered individually. The applicant should submit additional data about the program and its accreditation status.
  • Current, valid license or multi-state privilege to practice as a registered nurse in the state(s) in which the student participates in any clinical learning experiences.
  • Submit an Application Request in writing to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs ( Official transcripts must be sent to Enrollment Services.
  • Satisfactory score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) if the applicant’s native language is not English. A minimum satisfactory score on the TOEFL is a computer score of 83 or 6.5 for the IELTS.

Post BSN Certificate - Prepares students to teach at an LVN or ADN level.

Post MSN Certiciate - Post MSN Certificate – Prepares students to teach at a University/Graduate level. However, most universities require an instructor to also hold a license in the discipline that they are teaching in. For example, to teach in a Nurse Practitioner program, the instructor most likely will need to not only have their certificate to teach but must also have their Nurse Practitioner license. Therefore, those that do not have their Nurse Practitioner license but do have a MSN in a different discipline (Clinical Nurse Leader, Executive Nurse Leader…etc.) may teach a graduate level in non-Nurse Practitioner courses/programs.

Nursing Education

The challenges of the 21st century encourage nurse educators to explore alternate possibilities to create learning opportunities for consumers of education. Currently, it is necessary that our educational nurse leaders have advanced knowledge, as well as, a creative spirit to prepare and support nurses in a dynamic health care environment. The certification program offers participants the opportunity to be involved in a learning community. The certificate program will build on adult learning principles. Additionally curriculum design, program evaluation, and the learning environment will expand the knowledge and further develop the program participants so they can assume the role as an educational leader.

Admission Requirements

  • A minimum of a BSN (post BSN Certification) or MSN (post MSN Certification) degree from a nursing program from a nationally accredited school
  • Current unencumbered RN license
  • Completion of the application
  • Pay application fees
  • Submit official transcripts
Nurse Educator Certificate Courses

Students who complete the following three courses of three credit hours each will receive a "Certificate in Nursing Education".

  • GNRS 5311 – Program Evaluation
  • GNRS 5312 – The Learning Environment
  • GNRS 5322 – Curriculum Design

Additional courses offered to non degree certificate seeking students are:

  • GNRS 5108 – Professional Development
  • GNRS 5309 – Foundation in Adult Learning

Tuition and Fees for Post Bachelors/Masters Certificate

  • Texas Resident: $3,515.00
  • Non-Texas Resident: $7,700.00


To apply for this program, please contact our office at (409) 772-8271 for further assistance.

Contact Us

For preadmission advising please contact:

Burgandy DeLeon | SON Student Affairs & Admissions Office

For assistance with application processing, the MyStar portal, and financial aid, please contact:

Enrollment Services (409) 772-1215.

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