• We Promot Lifelong Learning

    We promote lifelong learning.

  • We Demonstrate Compassion

    We demonstrate compassion.

  • We Always Act With Integrity

    We always act with integrity.

  • We Show Respect To All

    We show respect to all.

  • We Embrace Diversity

    We embrace diversity.

Why Choose Us?

School of Nursing
At a Glance

Our Mission

We improve the health of diverse populations in Texas and around the world by advancing nursing excellence through leadership, clinical practice, education, research and service.

By The Numbers


Average NCLEX pass rate of our undergraduate students


Degrees conferred on Average per year

321 BSN

183 MSN

23 DNP

4 PhD

17 Certificates


Over 15,000 UTMB School of Nursing alumni are recognized as leaders in health care, education and research across the nation.


Year UTMB School of Nursing opened its doors as the John Sealy Hospital Training School for Nurses, first nursing school west of Mississippi.


Our enrollment has grown 103% over the last ten (10) years.


90% of our students have secured employment upon graduation.

State of the Art Simulation

Real life clinical experiences. Bridging the gap between classroom and clinical learning.

Resources at Your Disposal

  • Simulation Lab

    Field House

    UTMB Alumni Field House has been a place for students, alumni, employees, retirees, and their families to unwind, get in shape, and have fun.

  • Moody Medical Library | University of Texas Medical Branch

    Moody Medical Library

    Advancing education, research, patient care and public service programs of UTMB by obtaining, applying and disseminating biomedical information.

  • Multimedia Lab (MML)

    Multimedia Lab (MML)

    Dedicated members with extensive training & experience in course building, website/software development & videography/photography.

  • Galveston Island

    Island Living & Life

    Located along the scenic Texas coast, Galveston offers students opportunities to study and learn in a comfortable and close knit community.

    What Do Our Students Say?

    • Your classmates will become not only colleagues but family. You will find yourself developing & ultimately becoming a competent nurse, prepared with the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles in your future practice.

      Aaron Pavalonis
      BSN Traditional Student

    • I chose UTMB because of the small class sizes and cohort style. The flexibility of online classes was appealing and the required courses provide a comprehensive curriculum needed to be successful in executive leadership roles.

      Teoka Shelton
      Executive Nurse Leader (MSN) Student

    • What I love about UTMB is the diversity among our student population and the opportunities it provides for a variety of clinical experiences at some of the most well recognized hospitals in the nation.

      Iveth Munoz
      BSN Traditional Student

    • The core courses and the onsite clinical skill assessment check off with standardized patients helped prepare me to provide added expertise in the clinical settings as a clinical nurse educator.

      Gracie Phan
      Nurse Educator (MSN) Student

    • I wanted a program that would hold its value and give me an advantage when finding a job. It worked - my preceptors and several other medical professionals have remarked about how good the program is at UTMB.

      Katie Holmes
      Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN) Student