• Research at UTMB School of Nursing

Our Research

Creators of new knowledge through cutting-edge research.

Research Is An Essential Component of UTMB's Mission

Here at the School of Nursing, we are proud to support faculty scholars with the necessary in-house resources to promote research activities & equip investigators with the proper tools to translate their science into health care solutions.

Biobehavioral Research Lab

Our Biobehavioral Research Laboratory supports scientific inquiry related to the development & clinical translation of knowledge about biological, environmental & behavioral factors that influence human health & quality of life. Encompassing more than 1,700 square feet of space, the lab includes resources to design, conduct & evaluate innovation biobehavioral projects that address health concerns & test outcomes of interventions.

UTMB is home to multidisciplinary research centers of excellence that address cancer, environmental toxicology, structural biology, molecular sciences, aging & molecular cardiology.

Galveston National Laboratory

Sophisticated, high containment research facility serving as a critically important resource in the global fight against infectious diseases

Cancer Center

State-of-the-art total cancer care capabilities including screening, diagnostic imaging, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, surgery & clinical trials.

Office of Biostatistics

Providing statistical support services to all faculty, staff & students including design, database & software development support & adaptation through quantitative research.

Institute for Translational Sciences

Training a new generation of clinical & translational researchers. engaging stakeholders & communities in research, addressing barriers to clinical & translational research & advancing translational research through team-based approaches.

RISE Center

The mission of the Research Innovation and Scientific Excellence (RISE) Center at UTMB is to support and facilitate the development of nurse scientists and their research.