BSN Traditional Program

16 months that will change your life and the lives of many others!

Our program prepares students to become competent registered nurses to give patient-centered care in a variety of health care settings. The program admits students in the fall, spring and summer semesters of each year. The Traditional program is completed in four (4) consecutive semesters (16 months).


NCLEX Pass Rate


Graduation Rate

  • Prerequisite Requirements

    60 hours of prerequisite courses – completed at an accredited college or university. 40 of the 60 hours must be completed prior to applying for admission with a minimum of two (2) required life and physical sciences. All prerequisites must be completed at the time of enrollment. See prerequisite courses.

  • Exam Requirements

    Minimum score of 60 on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS). Scores of 70 in each category are considered competitive. Information on the TEAS exam can be found at

  • GPA Requirements

    A minimum overall GPA of 2.75 is required. Grades of "C" or better are required in ALL prerequisite courses.

  • Required Application Documents

    Required: a resume, all transcripts and a personal statement (see personal statement guidelines).


    For an unofficial review of transcripts, please complete the following form and email to or fax (409) 772-8211.

    Prerequisite Evaluation Form (BSN Traditional)






    ✳ Total Tuition

    • 1


      4 Courses (14 Hours)

      See Breakdown

       Cost of Attendance


      See Breakdown
    • 2


      4 Courses (16 Hours)

      See Breakdown

       Cost of Attendance


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    • 3


      3 Courses (15 Hours)

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       Cost of Attendance


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    • 4


      5 Courses (15 Hours)

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       Cost of Attendance


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      ✳ – Total tuition & fees. Does not include book fees.

      BSN Traditional Program Curriculum & Tuition

      • Semester 1
        Course Number Course Name Hours
        NURS 3290 Introduction to Professional Nursing 2
        NURS 3340 Health Assessment 3
        NURS 3631 Essentials of Care - Adult Health I 6
        NURS 3345 Concepts of Pathophysiology 3
        Semester 2
        Course Number Course Name Hours
        NURS 3632 Adult Health II 6
        NURS 3511 Psychosocial Dimensions of Care 5
        NURS 3314 Pharmacology 3
        NURS 3229 Nursing Informatics & Technology 2
        Semester 3
        Course Number Course Name Hours
        NURS 4502 Population Health Nursing 5
        NURS 4532 The Child and Family 5
        NURS 4531 The Mother and Family 5
        Semester 4
        Course Number Course Name Hours
        NURS 4503 Adult Health III 5
        NURS 4312 Leadership and Practice 3
        NURS 4430 Clinical Capstone 4
        NURS 4101 Integration of Core Nursing Concepts 1
        NURS 4206 Evidence Based Practice 2
      • Total (Tuition & Course Fees) $19,233
        Semester 1
        Tuition and University Fees $4,341
        Course Fees $312
        Book Fees $908
        Semester 2
        Tuition and University Fees $4,602
        Course Fees $356
        Book Fees $662
        Semester 3
        Tuition and University Fees $4,361
        Course Fees $349
        Book Fees $207
        Semester 4
        Tuition and University Fees $4,577
        Course Fees $335
        Book Fees $278

      BSN Traditional Program Highlights

      NCLEX Pass Rate

      We provide specialized training for the nursing licensure exam, NCLEX-RN; our pass rate is currently over 97%.

      Clinical Rotations

      Critical thinking is developed to identify improvement opportunities & conduct change to improve care delivery & improve safety.

      Faculty Expertise

      Our caring, experienced and innovative faculty are known for their commitment to student success.

      Student Resources

      Academic advising, counseling, mentoring, tutoring services as well as career placement assistance (for graduating students) are provided to our students.

      Simulation Laboratories

      Our new Health Education Center (HEC) provides state-of-the art simulation for skill development.

      Interprofessional Education

      Unique campus wide learning initiatives allow for collaboration between the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Biomedical Science, and Health Professions.

      Student Involvement

      Extensive volunteer opportunities help enhance your skills & knowledge in various patient care settings & provide teamwork & leadership experience.

      Clinical Immersion

      We offer optional clinical immersion experiences to prepare you for practice in acute and primary care settings.

       Frequent Questions

      BSN Traditional Prerequisite Courses

      Lower Division Courses Credit Hours
      Anatomy & Physiology I (Must include lab) 4
      Anatomy & Physiology II (Must include lab) 4
      Microbiology (Must include lab) 4
      Chemistry (Must include lab) 4
      Elective Science 3
      Nutrition 3
      Introductory Psychology 3
      Introductory Sociology 3
      Lifespan Growth & Development (Must cover infancy through adult) 3
      Statistics (Math, Psych or Business) 3
      U.S. History I 3
      U.S. History II 3
      U.S. Government 3
      Texas Government 3
      English I - Composition I 3
      English II - Composition II or Technical Writing 3
      Creative Arts 3
      Humanities 3
      Free Electives 2-6
      Total Hours 60 (Minimum)

      Courses must meet Texas Core Curriculum Requirements. Please refer to the advisor at your institution for information about Core Curriculum. For additional information, visit Texas Core Curriculum WebCenter at and the Texas Common Course Numbering System at

      Post Admissions Preparation Materials

      Already admitted to the program? Check out these video resources to prepare you for your classes!

      • Anatomy & Physiology

        Anatomy & Physiology Crash Course

      • Pathophysiology


      • Pathophysiology

        Electrolyte Imbalances

      • Essential Human Biology

        Cells & Tissues

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