Academic Counseling

Experiencing academic struggles? You are not alone. We are here to help!

What is Academic Counseling?

Academic Counseling is an academic support program that helps students develop more effective and efficient study skills. The Academic Counseling program is designed to help all students (distance and local) experiencing academic difficulty or having a desire to improve their study skills.

The Academic Counselor conducts informational seminars throughout the semester and provides individualized consultations to students in the areas of general study effectiveness, academic and test anxiety, and other topics. The Academic Counselor consistently collaborates with both students and faculty to develop new and effective strategies to improve academic performance.

What Can You Expect to Get From Your Sessions

Our counseling sessions explore a number of topics and skills essential to making your academic career here productive and worthwhile.

Time Management

Organizing and planning time for activities

Avoiding/Reducing Stress

Maintaining a calm demeanor under pressure

Note Taking Best Practices

Taking concise and efficient notes during lecture

Develop Effective Study Skills

Exam preparation and general study effectiveness

Focusing & Reducing Distractions

Eliminating external sources of commotion from your vision

Academic & Test Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety that comes with high stakes tasks

Reading Comprehension

Understanding the information you are consuming

Course Material Organization

Organizing assignments, clinical work and exam preparation

Long Term Goals

Thinking big picture and where you want to go

Scheduling Individual Appointments

Individual Academic Counseling appointments are available to students seeking more intensive assistance. Those seeking individual appointments must directly contact the Academic Counselor through UTMB email to request an appointment. The student will receive a meeting request, via their UTMB email, to confirm the appointment date and time.