Faculty Onboarding

    • UTMB School of Nursing Administrative Coordinator

      Erika Aguilar is the Administrative Coordinator for the School of Nursing. She can assist you with general information including:

      • - Employee Self-Services (Direct Deposit & W-4)
      • - Compliance Training
      • - Paycheck Distribution Dates

      She is your go-to person while you acclimate yourself to the culture of the UTMB School of Nursing.

      You can reach Erika Aguilar at x24805 (eriaguil@utmb.edu).

      Information Services (IS)

      IS can help you with username and password problems. They are also the key place to start if you are having problems with your computer. You can visit the Software Standards page from any computer connected to the internet to see the list of supported and recommended software for your computer. IS will be able to assist you if you are having problems with any of the software listed on that page.<%-- Software not listed is not supported by IS.--%>

      Phone: (409) 772-5200
      Website: https://www.utmb.edu/is/

      MultiMedia Lab/Blackboard Training

      The MultiMedia Lab (MML) can help you with Blackboard, Tegrity, and various other course-related technologies. They cannot help with username and password problems.

      Each course in the UTMB School of Nursing has a Blackboard component to assist the faculty and students with their course. If your job is closely associated with courses and supporting faculty, you may be asked to learn how to use Blackboard. You can always call the MultiMedia Lab (MML) for assistance.

      Website: https://nursing.utmb.edu/Multimedia-Lab/

      Pay Schedule

      UTMB Pay Schedule

      Most employees are paid bi-weekly. All time and leave requests must be entered by the close of the pay period. The pay check will be issued the following week.

    • Your Username

      Upon hire, you will be given a unique username that you will be responsible for keeping throughout your time at UTMB. Your username will grant you access to all of the resources mentioned in this orientation guide, as well as other resources on the UTMB homepage. Without your username, you will not be able to log in to access UT Systems.

      Your username will be given to you by the Senior Business Coordinator via email along with other information you will need to get started.

      Your Password

      You will need to contact Information Services (409-772-5200) to receive your temporary password.

      You will then need to change this password in the system to validate it. To change your password, you must log in to any UTMB computer, Webmail, or Citrix. If you are already logged in to a computer on campus, hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select the 'Change Your Password' option.

      UTMB has five (5) rules for passwords that you must follow when creating your new password:

      • Password must be AT LEAST eight (8) characters
      • Password cannot contain first name, last name or user ID
      • Password must contain at least one (1) letter and one number
      • Password cannot contain a dictionary word
      • Password must not be the same as any of the last twenty (20) passwords used

      You will enter your temporary password into the first box. Then you will enter your new password twice to confirm it. When you have done this, click OK to save your new password. You will now be able to access many of the applications you will use here at UTMB.

       Please note, you will be required to change your password every 90 days.

       For quick assistance with usernames and/or passwords, please contact Information Services at (409) 772-5200.

       For more detailed instructions on changing/resetting your password, visit the Information Services page https://www.utmb.edu/is/assistance/password-reset-unlock.

    • UTMB Email

      All official UTMB correspondance is sent to your UTMB email. You are responsible for checking it.

      Some key things to remember are:

      • Always set your Out-of-Office notifications when you are not going to be in to work. If you are out sick, you will need to log in to Webmail to set your notifications. (See Tools, then Out of Offie Assistant for directions.)
      • Always use appropriate email ettiquete - do not type in all caps, or make everything red.
      • Always begin your emails with a greeting (Good morning, Good afternoon or other professional greeting) and end with a thank you. (Have a nice day.)
      • Create an email signature that includes your name and position along with pertinent contact information. (See the regulations at http://www.utmb.edu/identity/downloads/templates_email_sig.shtml.)

      Web Access to UTMB Email

      Webmail is accessible from the UTMB homepage, or it can be accessed directly at http://webmail.utmb.edu from any computer connected to the internet. If you are off of the UTMB Network (not on campus and/or not connected to a UTMB Wifi Network), you must use either MyCitrix or Junos Pulse (VPN) to access WebMail. From webmail, you can schedule calendar events, send email, and even have your email forwarded to your personal email account. Note: Not all Outlook features will be available in the UTMB Exchange Webmail application. Note that you will be unable to schedule Skype For Business meetings from Webmail.

    • VoiceMail Instructions

      If your phone number was used previously, you will need to contact Crystal Oliphant at x24811 to have the password reset. Once reset, you can go in and set up your greeting and check your messages.

      Tips to Make the Most of Voicemail

      • Voice mail should not be used to hide from the world. Reply to messages promptly.
      • Personalize your greetings.
      • Leave detailed messages to avoid playing "telephone tag". Detailed and concise information helps the recipient respond completely to requests via voice mail.
      • Be brief. If you're rambling, re-record your message.
      • Keep an accurate distribution list and add/delete members as appropriate.
      • People calling into voice mail boxes often find it helpful to have information on when they can expect to hear from you. For example, your greeting might be:
        "This is Alex Bell. I will be out of the office for most of the morning. Please leave your name, number and a detailed message and I will return your call or answer your voice mail by the close of business today."
      • If you find that you will be away from the office for several days and won't be checking your messages, let the caller know how long you will be out of the office and that you will not be checking your messages until you return. (For home security, it is probably not a good idea to say, "I'll be out of town for a week …")
    • Using Skype For Business

      Skype For Business is an online teleconferencing software, integrating the best features of social networking to allow you to connect with other UTMB employees and students. Some of the features of Skype For Business are:

      • Sending and receiving instant messages
      • Making audio or video calls by using your computer
      • Participating in interactive online meetings

      Please take a moment to browse the below information on downloading and using Skype For Business:

      For best results, please use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to connect to a Skype For Business meeting. This will automatically engage your Skype For Business client. Using other browsers may cause compatibility errors.

      This is a great communication tool for the distance learning programs and courses. It offers the opportunity for faculty and students to share information at the same time (synchronous session). These are some guidelines that will improve the quality of the session:

      • Use a headset during the session. The microphone will pick up all sounds in the background therefore mute your cell phone and try to arrange a quite meeting space that is out of range for house phones, TV’s, barking dogs,people talking in the background,and other possible distracters.
      • These are webcam meetings so dress (casual) with the thought that this is a class where others will see you.
      • It is hoped that everyone will contribute during the session. There is a two second time delay but the webcam will focus on you when you begin talking.
      • Once inside the meeting, activate your webcam and you will probably have to un-mute yourself as well. Please refer to instructions on how to do this.
      • If you are having issues signing into online Skype meeting with your laptop or PC, please use either the local or toll free long distance phone number to call into the meeting. You will be able to hear all who are in the meeting and you will also be able to talk.

      Skype For Business Downloads

      Please note when setting up new Skype For Business Online Meeting, you will need to use your Outlook Calendar via the full Outlook application (NOT the Wbmail version).

       For assistance with Skype For Business, please contact Information Services at (409) 772-5200.

    • Kronos Time Capture

      Kronos is the system used for logging time adjustments, leave requests, and managing others' time and leave requests.

      When you are taking a sick day, vacation day, or other type of leave, you must log into Kronos and complete a leave request form. Your supervisor will approve or deny the request for time. If you are a supervisor, you will recieve an email when a member of your staff completes a leave request or time adjustment. You must log in to Kronos to approve or deny the request.

      At the discretion of the supervisor, scheduled leave may be requested up to sixteen (16) hours before start of leave. Approval/denial of the leave will be based on staffing needs.

      Vacation Policy: https://www.utmb.edu/policies_and_procedures/IHOP/Employee/Leave/IHOP%20-%2003.06.12%20-%20Vacation.pdf

      Please note that an employee who is unable to report to work at the beginning of a scheduled work period, due to illness, must notify his/her immediate supervisor or designee by telephone or e-mail, no later than sixteen (16) hours prior to the start of his or her scheduled work period. An employee shall personally make the call unless mitigating circumstances exist. This leave will be recorded as scheduled leave time. If notification is less than sixteen (16) hours, this leave will be recorded as unscheduled leave. Unscheduled leave will be monitored for excessiveness per UTMB guidelines.

      For further information, please refer to UTMB's Attendance Policy: http://www.utmb.edu/policies_and_procedures/IHOP/Employee/General/IHOP%20-%2003.01.05%20-%20Attendance.pdf

    • Using iSpace

      iSpace (aka Xythos) is collaborative, cloud-based storage available for all UTMB employees and students for storing and sharing files. You can use iSpace to store copies of important documents such as notes, assignments, research papers, e-learning materials, graphics, joint projects, etc. and have these files available anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser.

      For more information on utilizing iSpace (Xythos), please check out the below link:

      iSpace Useful Links

    • Blackboard Access

      Every course in the UTMB School of Nursing has some Blackboard component to it. Blackboard is our major Online Course system. Each class you are assigned will have a corresponding class in Blackboard where all the students for the semester are loaded. Some professors only use Blackboard to display their syllabus. Others use it more extensively; creating assignments, having online discussions, or even quizzes.

      Before you can access your Blackboard classes, you will need to make sure you have your username and have reset your temporary password (either through a UTMB computer, Webmail, or Citrix). For more information on your changing/resetting your password, please see the Log In tab.

      You will need to log in to Blackboard to view your classes. The Blackboard link can be found on the iUTMB website or you can access it directly at http://eclass.utmb.edu. You will need your UTMB username and password to log in to Blackboard.

      If you do not see your courses in Blackboard, you will need to contact your Course Coordinator and ask them to request access to the course. Please include your username in the email. The Course Coordinator will contact the MultiMedia Lab (MML) contact for the course and request your access. It is important to note that you cannot request your own access to the course - the request must come from the Course Coordinator.

      Each Blackboard course has its own Course Support staff listed in the Syllabus for the course. For BSN Traditional undergraduate courses, a Course Support Administrator has been assigned that can assist you. For fully online courses, a Technical Support person from the MultiMedia Lab has been assigned to assist. If you have questions about using Blackboard, you can always contact your assigned support person via the contact information listed in the syllabus.

    • TyphonGroup Healthcare Solutions

      TyphonGroup Healthcare Solutions is a skills-based tracking system used in the Master’s Program. The below information will only pertain to the PBL faculty teaching within the Master’s Program.

      All accounts are created by the Typhon Administrator, Sylvia Yepez - (409) 772-4818 or sayepez@utmb.edu. If your UTMB email account has not been set up an account cannot be created in Typhon. Once you have your UTMB email address please follow the steps below to sign into your account for the first time. You will need to contact the Administrator if an error message occurs during any of the steps. Tutorial videos are available once you have logged into your account. The tutorial materials will be found through a link on your Typhon homepage. It is the last link at the bottom of the page titled “Instructions & Video Tutorials.”

      1. Confirm you have an internet connection for access to the Typhon website.
      2. It is crucial to access Typhon with the correct web address, www.typhongroup.net/utmb/. All other Typhon login pages will not access your account and generates an error message.
      3. When you have reach the correct login page the UTMB logo will be prominently displayed. Below the UTMB logo are two sets of login links. You will need to access your account through the links on the RIGHT side of the page under the “Nurse Practitioner” heading.
      4. Click on "Sub-Admin Login"
      5. Click on "Forgot password"
      6. Enter your E-mail address, and click the “Request Password” button.
      7. Typhon will email a password to your UTMB email account.
      8. Click on the provided link on the Typhon webpage to return to the login page.
      9. Enter your UTMB email address and the password provided through the email from Typhon.
    • Technical Training

      Technical training is available to enhance the online education skills of any faculty (or staff) member of the School of Nursing.

      Please RSVP to Cynde Ferris at ciferris@utmb.edu to sign up for one of the classes. All classes are held in Marie Hall. Attending one of these scheduled classes (and signing in on the sign in sheet) will count as faculty development credit.

       For a detailed schedule of technical training sessions, or to schedule a 1-on-1 session, please contact Cynde Ferris of the Multimedia Lab (MML) at ciferris@utmb.edu.

    • The Next Steps

      Compliance Training

      You will complete some of your compliance training during your New Employee Orientation, which should be scheduled for you shortly before or when you arrive. Training that is not completed in the NEO, will need to be completed before the end of your first 30 days of employment. To validate current compliance training, go to https://hr.utmb.edu/tod/elm/elm_instructions/

      Benefits Selection

      You will need to ensure you select the appropriate benefits for you and your family. Much of this will be covered in the New Employee Orientation. You can also find more information about the policies available to you at https://hr.utmb.edu/benefits/

      Employee Health Clinic

      You will need to schedule an appointment for your health evaluation at the Employee Health Clinic. Be sure to contact them and, most importantly, keep your appointment.