Congratulations! You have been admitted to a school that is nationally recognized for its excellence in nursing education. From undergraduate to doctorate, our graduates are prepared to become leaders in health care.

The School of Nursing faculty and the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs will work together to create nursing excellence and provide support for you throughout your program. Your success is our success!

To ensure your matriculation is complete, please refer to the appropriate New Student Guide below and complete all university required items before you arrive for New Student Orientation. Also, there is a contact list if you need any assistance before arriving on campus.

I would like to extend a warm UTMB welcome to you and look forward to meeting you at Orientation.


Diana J. Pressley, Ed.D
Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs
UTMB School of Nursing

New Student Guides

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Orientation Schedules

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Dear Newly Admitted Students,
We are so pleased you selected UTMB School of Nursing as the program for your BSN degree. The faculty and staff of the SON are committed to your success in our program. We have found that students with recent content refreshers are more confident and have a better success record in our courses such as Pathophysiology and Pharmacology. We hope you will take some time to refresh your knowledge by working through YouTube videos we have compiled below. These kinds of resources will help you to excel when you begin courses next semester.

Trish Richard, PhD, RN
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
UTMB School of Nursing

Recommended BSN Preparation Materials 
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