Nursing Interprofessional Simulation Center (NISC)

Nursing Interprofessional Simulation Center (NISC) | UTMB School of Nursing

The Nursing Interprofessional Simulation Center (NISC) is comprised of several laboratory spaces located in the School of Nursing and Rebecca Sealy Buildings. Together, these spaces provide students with a variety of learning environments and methodologies that support diverse ways of learning. The NISC is equipped to support cognitive, technical, and behavioral objectives through task training, and simulated activities. Interprofessional activities that occur in the simulation center expose students to other disciplines. This focus on teams and communication prepare future healthcare professionals to work together for the benefit of the patient.

Simulated clinical experiences are an important component of the curriculum providing an ideal means for students to engage in skill development, patient assessment and decision making in a safe learning environment. Simulation education bridges the gap between classroom and clinical learning by immersing students in simulated, real life clinical experiences. Simulated scenarios give students opportunities to practice critical thinking, clinical decision making, delegation, teamwork, communication, assessment, psychomotor skills, and interprofessional communication and cooperation.

School of Nursing Simulation Lab

Lab space located in the School of Nursing Building includes a Primary Care Lab, Acute Care Lab, the Hillcrest Birthing Suite, and several debriefing rooms.

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Bed Lab

Acute Care and Primary Care Labs

The acute care and primary care labs are used to teach assessment, basic care and comfort, hygiene, splinting, suturing, point of care testing, personal protective equipment, and mobility techniques.

Birthing Suite

Hillcrest Birthing Suite

The birthing suite has four high fidelity birthing simulators with the technology to respond similar to that of a real patient, including actually giving birth in a variety of clinical scenarios that can accommodate a variety of learners from novice to experts.

Nursing Interprofessional Simulation Center Smart Hospital

The Nursing Interprofessional Simulation Center Smart Hospital is located in the Rebecca Sealy Building on a former surgical unit, providing an environment identical to an active hospital floor with state of the art technologies to support quality, innovative teaching methodologies.

Bed Lab

Smart Hospital

The smart hospital has private patient rooms equipped with a call light system, nurse's station, electronic charting, and a medication dispense system. The hospital has a Pediatric and Adult unit that have 11 high fidelity simulators, over 20 mid fidelity simulators, and a variety of task trainers to help support student learning.

Bed Lab

Control Room

A control room located behind the nurse's station has six stations where facilitators can respond through the patient as well as change physiological responses of the patients based on the student interventions. Video capture software allows for video and audio playback of simulated activity that is used for debriefing feedback and evaluation.

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