iLead Damaged or Malfunctioning Devices

Instructions on what to do if your device or accessories have been damaged or is no longer working properly.

Student Liability & Support and Service

Please refer to the Responsible Use Agreement regarding your Liability and the Support and Service options available to you regarding damaged devices.

Contacting AppleCare Education

IMPORTANT: Have your have your device serial number available.

How to find the serial number of your Apple product.

If your iPad device is in a protective case, you may need to remove the device from the case to locate the serial number on the backside of the iPad. Please note that the device's serial number is NOT the UTMB Asset Tag number.

Contact AppleCare Education for troubleshooting assistance:

Explain that you're a student at UTMB and describe the nature of the problem you're having. If the problem cannot be resolved, AppleCare Education may instruct you on how to proceed with repairing or replacing the device.

Device Replacement

The replacement of any damaged or defective devices is coordinated through AppleCare Education.

You must notify the SON Multimedia Lab at if you are instructed by AppleCare to send your device in to Apple to be repaired or replaced.