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Innovative Learning Environment Accelerating Discovery

We are excited to launch this new initiative – beginning Summer 2019 with the new and incoming cohort for the BSN Traditional Undergraduate program – to enhance your student experience. The iPad is the tool our faculty and students will use to ensure an engaging and interactive learning experience.

 What You Will Be Getting

UTMB will provide:

  • iPad

    Cohorts Starting Spring 2020:

    7th Generation 32GB 10.2" Space Gray

    Cohorts Before Spring 2020:

    6th Generation 32GB 9.7" Space Gray

  • Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

    Compatible w/ iPad 6th & 7th Generation

  • Charger

    12W USB Power Adapter w/ Lightning Charging Cable

    What You Will Need to Bring

    Your Apple ID & Password


    Your UTMB Username and Password


    Case For the iPad


    Confirmation of Receipt and Signage Responsible Use Agreement


    iPad Case Considerations

    As per the Responsible Use Agreement all iPad recipients will sign, a protective case will be required for your device. Considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a case:

    Compatible with iPad 7th Generation

    * Cohorts prior to Spring 2020 received 6th Generation devices.


    Durable, drop-proof with edge protection


    Has an Apple Pencil holder

    Equipped with a keyboard

    We recommend purchasing a case from a physical Apple retail store. Apple retail stores generally carry more types of cases as well as greater variety in those cases.

    • Baybrook Mall

      Friendswood, TX

    • Highland Village

      Houston, TX

    • First Colony Mall

      Houston, TX

    • The Galleria

      Houston, TX

    • Memorial City Mall

      Houston, TX

    • Willowbrook Mall

      Houston, TX

    • Woodlands Mall

      The Woodlands, TX

       Frequent Questions

        • Is the iPad lease required?

          Yes, all students who enter the BSN Traditional program in the summer 2019 and later will be required to lease an iPad from UTMB's School of Nursing. The iPads are considered a required course material that will be used throughout your program.

        • Why do I have to lease from UTMB? Can I bring my own device?

          You cannot bring your own iPad. The iPad must be leased from UTMB so that we can ensure each student and faculty member have a standardized experience. By utilizing the same tools, our shared platform will increase engagement and collaboration. UTMB also provides maintenance and the necessary applications on your leased device.

        • Am I paying to lease the iPad?

          Yes, the fee associated with the lease will be detailed in your tuition and fees for the semester. The lease will last the duration of your program and does include more than the iPad device itself. The fee included in your cost of attendance covers: the iPad, apple pencil, AppleCare, technical assistance, and some of the applications necessary for classroom activities and learning materials.

        • Do I need to have an Apple ID?

          Yes, you must have your own Apple ID to use the iPad (Apple IDs will not be created by UTMB).

        • What email address should I use for a new Apple ID?

          If you do not already have an existing Apple ID and/or you wish to create a new Apple ID, you have the choice of using your UTMB-provided email address or a personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail/Outlook.com etc.). Be aware, if using your UTMB-provided email address, we recommend – before graduating from the program – changing the email address on your Apple ID from your UTMB-provided email address to a personal email address.

        • Apple says my email address is already in use?

          If you are attempting to create a new Apple ID and you are alerted that the email address you wish to use for your new Apple ID is already in use, do not panic. First – ensure that you do not have another Apple ID with that email address. You can verify this by attempting to reset the password for the Apple ID associated with the email address you wish to use. Second – ensure that the email address you wish to use is NOT listed as a recovery email address under any other Apple ID(s) you may have.